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The little CREATOR Story

One of the things that I cherish most from my kids' younger years is a hand-drawn design that we printed onto a plastic plate. 

My son made this when he was 4 years old, and is now 17 and the plate is still part of daily life!  In fact it is so special that it has moved several houses and countries with us.

From this came the idea to offer the opportunity to create a keepsake rug with children’s art.

Not only is this a fantastic way to treasure art, but it is the perfect gift for grandparents or friends, and allows art to take centre stage on the floor.  Your kids will be so proud!


The How To

’little creator’ puts design in you and your child’s hands.

1. Choose one of your kids amazing drawings, paintings or collages.

2.  Please get in touch and we can discuss the best size and shape for the rug based upon the artwork.... the sky is the limit!  We can then provide you with a custom quote, and can even arrange a small sample prior to the full production.

3. Arrange for a high resolution scan of the artwork. If the scan is not at high resolution then the printed rug results will not be successful.

4. If you are unsure how to scan then you have the option to send the artwork to us and we will return it with your finished rug.

The Facts

little creator rugs can be printed in any number of colours.  They are printed onto a carpet-like structure made from polyamide, and the colour penetrates through the whole carpet.

The carpets are finished by hand and are easy care.

As well as having a similar look and feel to a hand-tufted rug our printed rugs are hypo-allergenic and have the benefits of zero percent shedding.

We are not limited to printing children's artwork, in fact any and all designs are welcome!

Lead time is 20-30 days including shipping.

Need another option?

We love to be flexible, so if there is a size or shape that you would prefer then please get in touch here:

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