Vintage Boucherouite Rugs

(pronounced boo-shay-REET) 
Boucherouite carpets were made by women for domestic use, and are essentially a variation on the humble rag rug.
Strips of older textiles, such as clothing or worn out rugs, are recycled and woven together to create something new.
At little P we have fallen in love with the uniqueness of these rugs, and can’t wait to share our personal selection from Morocco.
With their (sometimes) crazy patterns and vibrant colors, the rugs look like they are ready to party - perfect for a kids or teen room or playroom.   They get our extra tick of approval as they are constructed from recycled textiles and machine washable.
Our selection of Boucherouite rugs are all vintage, one-of-a-kind creations.  They are equally perfect as works of art on the wall, as they are as rugs gracing the floor.

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